Project Pushback is a conservative action forum dedicated to showcasing articles and news items that further a conservative political viewpoint.  To access the site, click here.


Growing older can be a tremendous challenge and present a lot of problems for individuals and their families. I'm trying to lighten the load with information on how to make the journey a little easier and more fun. Log on to the site at:

The Mansa Society started as an experiment, born out of frustration with our inability, as people holding vastly different political views, to discuss them in a congenial relaxed setting. Started in 2010 with a few men from various backgrounds, the group now consists of Democrats, Secular Progressives, Independents, Republicans and Libertarians. We meet once a month over lunch to focus on solutions to some of our most pressing political challenges. For more information, click on this link, The Mansa Society

After living a long life that has been influenced by some extraordinary people, I felt it was time to honor them and extend an invitation to others to do the same. The Circle of Greatness is a place where anyone can post a personal tribute to a person who has been a mentor or a role model. Submissions are not limited to just living persons and there is no charge for the submission.