In this age of rapid fire messaging with ever-escalating media costs and cut-throat competition for a few hundred words of space in a consumer or trade publication, it pays to know someone who can get your message placed. All it takes is a couple decades of experience, time-tested knowledge of human nature, a sharp pencil and a sharper mind. If you need a simple press release written or a whole communications strategy developed, give me a call at 505/239-0008.  

Branding and marketing

Website design & development

I launched the Second Opinion back in 1981 as a service for companies needing a review of their corporate advertising and public relations. When I joined the Foreign Service in 1984 I put the service on hold until 2004 when I moved to New Mexico and made it my company name. Since then, the Second Opinion has spawned new services including export consulting and courses, advocacy, web  publishing and  website design.

About Second Opinion Marketing

​Public speaking

I'm often invited as a panelist or speaker on topics like globalization and exporting. Lately, I'm speaking about my newest book (see Books, etc.). If your group needs a motivational speaker, please call me at 505/239.0008.

Need some help? I've created nearly a dozen sites from the ground up. Check out the sites below.